What are the requirements for applying to study in the United States

For Chinese students, American high school to apply for (also known as 美国高中申请) need to graduate from primary school, American college application (also known as 美国大学申请) need to graduate from high school, the United States graduate application (also known as 美国研究生申请) needs in China undergraduate course graduation. Applying for school should as far as possible conform to the personal and professional career goals, education background, work experience and interests, avoid blind pursuit of ranking and popular professional. When applying, you may entrust a study agent (also known as 留学中介) and listen to the opinions of professional lawyers.

When applying for an American university, you will find that it has different requirements for English proficiency. However, generally speaking, students who apply for an undergraduate course must have a TOEFL score of 75-100. However, some universities can offer students who do not have a TOEFL score a double-enrollment course, that is, the double-enrollment of language and professional courses. Graduate students not only require TOEFL 80 or above, may also need to provide other relevant English scores, but some American universities do not apply for graduate courses required GRE or GMAT.

Because of the difference of schools and majors, The gap in tuition fees at American universities is wide, general public college tuition a year around $1 w – 1 project.it, and some of the best private university tuition fees each year and meal fee up to 4 w/year or higher, and the American medium/small towns in the south of, a year living cost $6 k is enough, demand for California and New York City will be higher.

The procedure of applying for studying in the United States is quite complicated, so you should prepare the materials as soon as possible, such as PS, recommendation letter, transcript, certificate of deposit, personal documents/resume, IELTS/TOEFL, SAT scores, school selection, extracurricular activities, interview and so on. In addition, the United States health insurance (also known as 美国医保) is mandatory to buy , otherwise, it is impossible to register the school, because medical expenses are very expensive in the United States. Without insurance, it will bring great trouble to the school and yourself. If you get sick, your finances could be in trouble, and even minor ailments can be costly. Go so stay preschool should understand clear about relevant insurance issue, whether domestic insurance is effective in abroad should be clear, go to the United States to buy relevant insurance again commonly proposal.

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