The importance of being computer literate

Today is the age of computers and it is obvious that the majority of the industries are employing accomplished professionals so that the jobs are carried out efficiently and effectively with the help of computers. The banking industry which supplies many services, such as financial assistance to individuals, investment and savings, and corporate banking find it easier to computerize their jobs. Nowadays, internet banking has become a boom for countless people to transfer and receive money easily plus get their precise up-to-date info regarding the amount of money they have in their accounts.

With the advent of computers, it is quite natural for the banks to insist that the employees do have a general knowledge of computers. Computer awareness makes it easier for people to take up the post of clerks or probationary officers. Even if you aren’t acquainted enough with the computers, you can take up one 6-month course to learn the basic skills. Now, most of the banks have begun setting up this suitability criteria for emphasizing this point. It has become vital to have knowledge on the computer to bag a job in the banks as the banks are totally computerized and they work on core banking.

The unfading importance of computer

Today, many people wonder whether there is still a chance to bag a job when a person doesn’t know about using a computer or whether computer literacy a must or not. Actually, there are some jobs that certainly need computer knowledge, like the job of a mechanical engineer or a rocket scientist. But the majority of the jobs require computer knowledge. One who is struggling to work in an office must have a thorough knowledge of the computer that includes the receptionist. A person who is working in an office must at least know to browse the internet, open and send e-mails and write one simple letter opening the word-processing program.

However, there are still some jobs that need little or no knowledge of computer at all. Jobs of hairdressers, sanitation workers, construction workers, and groundskeepers do not need computer skills. These jobs are physically demanding and don’t require computer skills. Even in these jobs, one needs to have a minimum qualification in the computers. Other professions, such as TV repairmen, mechanic, plumber, or electrician are required to have computer knowledge from tables as well as manuals which are available from the internet. These professionals too are required to utilize computerized equipment largely.

Helpful in getting recruitment

As computer awareness is turning vital for the jobs, so countless people are logging on to This site provides quizzes and awareness questions for the job aspirants so that they can apply for those jobs too that require computer skills. This site has different programs for certain period of time. It also takes mock tests and computer online test to examine the eligibility of the students. The best part is, this site supplies study materials for the sake of students so that they can apply for a job confidently.

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