The Environment Agency

The Environment Agency (EA) is really a non-departmental public body that is backed through the Department for Environment, Food & Rural Matters from the United kingdom Government. The purpose of the Environment Agency is ‘to create better places for individuals and wildlife, and support sustainable development.’ The Environment Agency started in 1996 and accounts for working particularly in England. The Company presently has over 10,600 employees in 16 regional offices, though its headquarters are stationed in Bristol.

The EA has numerous responsibilities in main regions of ecological policy including controlling major industry and waste treating contaminated land monitoring water quality and sources fisheries, inland river, estuary and harbour navigations and conservation and ecosystem. The Company can also be accountable for managing the chance of flooding from primary rivers, reservoirs, estuaries and also the ocean, though not from smaller sized scale flooding for example surface water which falls underneath the jurisdiction from the local ton authority.

The Environment Agency has key priorities in the coping with ecological issues as outlined in the corporate plan. Of these priorities are the necessity to ‘work with companies along with other organisations to handle using resources’, to ‘increase the resilience of individuals, property and companies towards the perils of flooding and seaside erosion’ and also to ‘improve the way in which [they] act as a regulator to safeguard people and also the environment and support sustainable growth’.

Included in the work the Environment Agency provides detailed guidelines for companies and people on key policy areas including waste management regulation, seaside change and ecological occurrences. These guides outline information for example duty of care responsibilities, and phone information for relevant departments. Information on relevant legislation and rules can easily be bought with the Agency’s website. The Environment Agency also encourages people from the public to make contact with them in case of ecological occurrences for example pollution, illegal fishing or even the collapse or harm to river and canal banks.

Ton Risk Management is an especially much talked about part of the Environment Agency’s work. The Company not just provides guidance regarding how to get ready for flooding in high-risk areas, but offers communities in Britain the chance to enroll in ton warnings via email, phone or text service. The Company has compiled a ‘National Ton Emergency Framework for England’ which sets the government’s method of coping with ton-related emergencies.

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