Earning Extra Money as a Tutor

It can be difficult to find work if you are going to school, since you need to work around your class schedule. In addition, retirees who want to work part time to earn extra money often have problems finding well-paying part-time jobs. However, if you’re a graduate student or a retired teacher, you may be able to find work as a tutor.

Tutoring Opportunities

There are many opportunities to help children, teens, and adults learn by tutoring them in subjects with which they are having trouble. With one in four students currently using tutoring in the UK, you should be able to easily find tutoring jobs, especially if you’ve taught before. Tutors don’t just teach older children; they may also help primary children struggling in specific classes, university students having problems with certain subjects, or even adults wanting to learn other skills to better their careers.

Qualifications Needed to Tutor

There are no set standards for becoming a tutor in the UK, as there are no certification or licensing requirements. Almost anyone can tutor if they are knowledgeable in certain subjects. However, if you work through a tutoring agency, they will usually have standards that potential tutors must meet.

These standards may include certain educational requirements, experience as a tutor or at least working with children, and a clean criminal background. Most agencies will recommend their tutors to have a DBS, or Disclosure and Barring Service, certificate. The DBS is like a background check to make sure children are safe when in the presence of their tutors.

The only way to get a DBS certificate is through an employer, such as a tutoring agency or recruiting agency. These certificates are also required if you plan to do volunteer work, so some people may already have them. Whether working as a tutor through an agency or on your own, you are considered to be self-employed and will need to register as such with HMRC within three months of working as a tutor.

How Much are Tutors Paid?

One of the main reasons people tutor is to make extra money while they are pursuing their education. Being a tutor can be a lucrative job, depending on who your clients are. Most tutors are paid £20 to £30 per hour, but others with teaching experience and who work with the children of wealthy people can make significantly more money. A retired teacher or someone who is highly educated could become a tutor and work a few hours a week to earn money or stay busy.

Tutoring Locations

You don’t necessarily need to tutor students face to face because there are also opportunities to tutor students online via Skype or other video chat programs. Students who live in a rural community and need tutoring may only be able to receive tutoring online because of the distance they live from the city. If you like to help people and are looking for part-time work, then tutoring may be something you wish to pursue to earn money.

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