9 Tips To Learn And Improve Spoken English Faster Than Ever!

English is a global language, understood by millions. However, not everyone has great spoken English skills. The good news is you can learn really fast. Ideally, it’s a good idea to take up English language courses that are widely offered by many renowned institutes. Besides learning from experts, you can also improve your confidence and command on the language. Below are 9 other tips for your help.

  • Read aloud. For spoken English, you need to focus on your pronunciation and diction. Make sure that you read aloud for at least 20 minutes each day.
  • Read more. Reading is a great habit and can help you in discovering new words. You will also learn about sentence construction and grammar.
  • Improve your conversational English skills. Instead of just reading novels and heavy books, you can read newspapers, magazines and other fiction books.
  • Try to speak more. If you are keen on speaking English fluently, you have to speak as frequently as possible. Don’t bother about the mistakes, because you will correct the errors with time.
  • Keep a dictionary. You need to know the meaning of words before you can start using them, and hence, having a pocket dictionary can be really useful.



  • It’s also important that you follow others, especially those who have a good command over the language. Try to follow their lip syncing and pronunciations.
  • Watch more movies. If you are not fond of reading, you can watch Hollywood movies with subtitles, which will help in learning conversational English.
  • Try to write. Unless you write new words, you will never learn to use them. Ideally, you should write at least one paragraph each day.
  • Finally, be regular. You cannot expect to learn a language, unless are consistent with your efforts.

Still wondering on how to learn to speak English? Take up a course now!

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