Important topics for Physics in JEE Main

JEE (Joint Entrance Exam) is considered to be one of the toughest exams. It is a national level exam held for the students to get admission into different engineering courses. JEE is conducted in two phases: the first being JEE Main and the second being JEE Advanced. One has to clear JEE Main Exam in order to appear JEE Advanced exam. Though the exam is conducted nationwide, the competition among the students is really high. Every year more than lakhs of students aspire for JEE. So some students start preparing for the exam from the beginning of class 11th while some start preparation from their class 12th.

In the JEE syllabus, among all the subjects, physics remains as one of the most difficult and low scoring subjects for most of the JEE aspirants. It takes a lot of effort, practice and time to master physics. One should have a grip on important physics topics and a good preparation strategy to score well in physics. Many students don’t realize that physics carries the vital role in securing a good rank in JEE results.  No doubt your performance in chemistry and maths will ensure your selection but your performance in physics will decide how good a rank you will get and whether you will be able to get in your dream college and dream branch or not.

Here are some important physics topics that are advisable to cover, to secure good marks in the JEE Mains:

On the basis of weightage the following topics can be considered important for Physics section:

Current Electricity – weightage: 7%

Electrostatics – weightage: 6%

Ray Optics – weightage: 6%

Magnetism – weightage: 6%

Heat & Thermodynamics – weightage: 6%

Centre of Mass, Momentum and Collision – weightage: 5%

Semiconductors and Electronic Devices – weightage: 5%

Nuclear Physics – weightage: 5%

Wave Optics – weightage: 5%

Modern Physics – weightage: 5%

Wave Motion and String Waves – weightage: 5%

Work, Energy and Power – weightage: 5%

Simple Harmonic Motion – weightage: 5%

Newton’s Laws of Motion – weightage: 4%

Rotational Dynamics – weightage: 4%

On the basis of number of questions asked from a particular topic, the important topics are:

Current Electricity: 8 questions

Electrostatics: 4 questions

Optics: 3 questions

Heat and Thermodynamics:  2 questions

Law of Motion: 2 questions

Waves: 2 questions

Simple Harmonic Motion: 2 questions

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