Common Misconceptions About JEE That Trouble Most Students

JEE is one of the most difficult exams in the world and carries a good reputation all over the world. Each year lakhs of students participate in the exam and try out their luck, hoping to fulfill their dream of becoming an engineer. However, while doing so, they face many problems and confusions. More than the real problems, it’s the misconceptions that hurt the engineering students most. Here are some of those misconceptions that are quite common among students these days-

Minimum 12 Hours Study On Daily Basis

Many students think that only those who can sit for 12 hours a day and study are the ones who should attempt JEE. It’s completely wrong and baseless. You don’t have to study for a minimum of 12 hours on daily basis to clear JEE. Even lesser number of hours coupled with constructive study can show you great results. So, don’t compare yourself with someone who has a good sitting. You can still make it through if you plan your time table and do organized preparation.

You Should Learn To Solve Lengthy Questions

Many students think that only those who can solve lengthy and complex questions in quick succession can get through an examination like JEE. If you’ve also thought the same and are scared of your slow speed, then don’t worry. There’s no such hard and fast rule that only students who are good in solving lengthy questions can clear it. All you need to learn is smartness and tricks to shorten the overall calculation part. It’s all about practice. The more you practice, the better you become.

You Can Study Later

Procrastination is very dangerous. Many students keep on delaying preparations. They believe that two years are more than enough to crack JEE. However, it’s not true. If you don’t manage your time well and try to finish the entire syllabus in one go, then you may have to struggle at the end. Don’t ever go this way.

Keep all these points in mind and start preparing for JEE right away. Fill the JEE Main Advanced application form and work hard to earn a seat in any good IIT or NIT this year.

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