Bachelors Degree in Sonography Overview

Ultrasound technicians perform non-invasive medical imaging procedures that leave pictures of the abdominal organs, heart, other soft tissues, fetuses and cardiovascular systems. The Bachelors degree in Diagnostic Medical Sonography is really a four-year publish-secondary educational program which includes liberal arts courses and didactic and clinical training. Students who curently have an Associates degree within the right discipline might be able to apply the majority of the credits and produce a Bachelors degree in sonography 2 yrs.

Benefits of Bachelors Degree in Sonography

You will find excellent explanations why going after a Bachelors degree in diagnostic medical sonography is a great decision.

Students obtain a well-round education which includes liberal arts classes plus health, science classes and clinical training suitable for a significant in Diagnostic Medical Sonography

It represents the finest dedication to training and education, and that’s why many employers need a job applicant to possess a Bachelors degree in Diagnostic Medical Sonography or Ultrasound Technology

Graduate is qualified to pursue a job being an instructor or administrator additionally to being employed as a sonographer inside a hospital

Tips about how to Get the best Bachelors Degree in Sonography?

Finding the right program supplying a Bachelors degree in Diagnostic Medical Sonography requires doing a bit of research. You should pick a program that provides critical coursework, lab training, and clinical training made to prepare a student to generate the ARDMS credential and to enhance employment possibilities.

Verify this program is accredited through the Commission on Accreditation of Allied Health Programs since these programs meet stringent quality standards within their needs

If not able to go to an on-campus program, consider finishing among the CAAHEP accredited online programs, making plans using the faculty to accomplish the clinical training in an approved facility

Ask what number of students complete this program inside the normal time-frame for that program

Ask what number of graduates secure a job within six several weeks after finishing this program and the kind of employers offering job possibilities towards the program graduates

What to anticipate from Bachelors Degree in Sonography?


Diagnostic Medical Sonography programs are often provided by medicine, healthcare and/or systems divisions at colleges, universities and medical facilities. Students can satisfy the admission needs to start an over-all liberal arts degree after which make an application for admittance to the sonography program. The necessities for admission in to the sonography program to start the Diagnostic Medical Sonography track are based on the school, but typical prerequisites include:

Human body



Math for biological sciences

College algebra

Computer literacy

General education credits from a number of disciplines

Medical terminology

Students who’ve already earned an Affiliate degree inside a radiology program and therefore are registered using the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists have usually met all of the prerequisites to go in a sonography program resulting in a Bachelors degree or will only have to have a couple of courses. This is also true for college students who’ve an Associates degree in Diagnostic Medical Sonography and therefore are registered using the American Registry of Diagnostic Medical Sonographers.


A Bachelors degree is really a 4 year program. A student will attend school for 4 years whether going all years inside a Bachelor degree program or first acquiring a 2-year Associates degree after which finishing two additional many years of schooling.

Tuition Charges and charges

The School Board reports the 2013-2014 average in-condition tuition and charges for carrying on an open four-year program were $8,893 yearly. However, rates vary considerably from condition to condition. For instance, the greatest annual tuition and charges for four-year public schools were $14,665 in Nh. In comparison, the cheapest tuition and charges were $4,404 in Wyoming. Scholarships can enjoy a huge role for making education affordable, so students should select the programs they aspire to attend and discuss funding possibilities using the educational funding office.


Students going after a Bachelors degree are needed to consider a mix of liberal arts and science courses and courses within their discipline, which within this situation is sonography. The school or college may have general degree credit needs and also the sonography program may have specific courses that must definitely be completed, additionally to laboratory and clinical training. The needs for earning a Bachelors degree in Diagnostic Medical Sonography will prepare a student to sit down for that general ARDMS exams. Students may add courses for their curriculum if they would like to concentrate on a cardiac or vascular concentration additionally to general sonography.

Salary and Job Outlook Details

Salaries and employment levels vary significantly by condition. Diagnostic Medical Sonographers earned typically $67,170 or $32.29 in annual wages by the May 2013 U.S. Department at work survey. The very best having to pay condition was California by having an average annual earnings of $86,550 or $41.61 each hour. The task outlook is great as healthcare focuses more about using noninvasive technology to reduce healthcare costs. The present expected rate of growth for 2012 to 2022 is 39 percent that is greater compared to average rate of growth for other positions. Diagnostic Medical Sonographers having a Bachelors degree could work as faculty and industry professionals, additionally to employed in hospitals, physician offices, outpatient care centers, and laboratories.

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